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PlanJoin is the fastest and easiest way to keep everybody on the same page on any project β€” from engaging your sales prospects to working with people outside your organization.

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Start managing projects in under 5 minutes

Team up without sign-up and email chaos

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Tired of endless back-and-forth emails?

Most professionals struggle to keep everyone on the same page.


πŸ•› Being on different pages in projects with partners and colleagues?

πŸ•’ Chasing after input from partners and colleagues?

πŸ•˜ Setting project goals, but not following up on them?

PlanJoin makes setting up and managing your project faster and easier than ever.

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Share your PlanJoin project to work on it with others

Engage all stakeholders from the start – just email or text a secure link to your project and have partners and colleagues work on projects with you. 

Instead of forcing your partners to set up a user account – simply send them their own secure link. 

Set tasks, communicate and manage all files in one joint project space – just set a task in your chat and PlanJoin adds it to the project task list.

How it works

Getting started is simple

Create new project dialogue. It shows a name, description and people field where you can enter email addresses.


Kick-off your project in seconds

Create a project space with one click – just with your email address. Instead of having to create a user account, we are sending you a secure link to your email address.


Keep your partners happy and your internal systems secure

Instead of forcing your partners to register on yet another platform, they receive a personal and secure token to collaborate with you. Rather than bothering your IT-department, kick-off your project in seconds.

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Work faster and better with people outside your organization

Set goals, communicate and manage your project files all in one space by moving conversations out of siloed email threads. Always know in which context a project file was created.

Built by German IT security experts and lawyers

Professionals of all types set-up and manage projects with PlanJoin, fast.

Protected by European GDPR

PlanJoin follows security and privacy by design. All your data is stored in Germany.


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Client Management

What our users are saying

Dr. Patrick Grossmann

"PlanJoin’s ease of use is its hallmark. It helps us visually manage our high-value R&D and customers projects."

- Dr. Patrick Grossmann, CEO Invitris

"We could instantly tell that PlanJoin was built by people who work on projects with a range of customers every day, everything just made sense!"

- Alexandra Reisser

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Achieve your goals

Whether you have one project or hundreds, use PlanJoin to coordinate projects in

a fraction of the time, so you can focus on what really matters.

High-value projects are the lifeblood of your business. Increase revenue,

retain customers and land new projects with PlanJoin.

About PlanJoin

We know that you want to achieve the best outcomes in projects with external partners, customers and vendors. In order to do that you need a secure and fast way to manage those projects. That’s why we created PlanJoin: An easy-to-use platform that transforms the way you work with others – built by German IT security experts and lawyers. 

Professionally manage projects with people from outside your organization

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